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This is the official Crypto Royale FAQ section. The FAQ covers basic questions. For more detailed information, such as how Skins work, please visit our community Wiki instead. Feel free to visit our discord server if you can't find an answer here.

Token (ROY)

What is Royale (ROY)?

Royale (ROY) is the currency of Crypto Royale, a free-to-play browser-based game, and other Royale ecosystem games. The token max supply is 400M ROYs. The ROY token can be held in the game wallet or one of the supported Blockchains (Harmony, Polygon, Avalanche), staked in both cases at 4% apy (8% on AVAX). To learn even more, visit the About ROY page.

How do I stake my ROY?

If you leave your ROY in the in-game wallet, it will automatically earn staking rewards. We also offer the option to connect your MetaMask wallet to the game page via the "Stake" button in Ranked, Lowstakes, or Highstakes, and earn staking rewards on any ROY in your MetaMask wallet as well. Staking rewards are deposited daily into your in-game wallet between Midnight and 1AM, UTC time. Your staking rewards must be greater than 0.02 ROY / day otherwise you will not receive any.

How do I withdraw my ROY?

You can withdraw ROY by clicking the 'Withdraw' button on the wallet page, and entering the amount to withdraw and your blockchain 0x address. There is a 1 ROY minimum for withdrawal, and you can withdraw it as ROY, ONE, MATIC or AVAX.

How do I deposit ROY?

You can deposit ROY by clicking the 'Deposit' button, entering the amount to deposit and clicking the 'Deposit * ROY' button. Next you have to open your external wallet and confirm the transaction. If you want to support the development of the game by buying more ROY, you can proceed by converting ONE, MATIC or AVAX to ROY on Sushi Swap.


Where can I play?

You can find the main game page at From there you can navigate to the free-to-play faucet at, the low buy-in lowstakes at, or the more risky, more rewarding highstakes games at

How do I play?

Crypto Royale uses a rock-paper-scissors format, where each color is strong or weak against either of the other two colors. Yellow can damage Cyan , which can damage Magenta , which in turn can damage Yellow . If two players are the same color, the one with the higher HP can damage the player with less HP. Players that can damage you can be identified by the spikes around the edges of their avatar. Once any player reaches 25 HP or less, they lose the capability to boost, as well as being only a single hit away from death. This state is indicated by an exclamation mark (!) inside their avatar.

Every player starts with 100 HP, and can gain more HP, as well as changing the color of their avatar, by picking up the colored pips () scattered around the field. The shiny pips will give you HP, but picking them up also gives you a lucky box that you can claim for a small ROY bounty. If you kill another player you'll also get a lucky box with their letter in it that is worth a much higher bounty of ROY.

Use your mouse cursor to move on desktop, or your finger to move on mobile, and click or tap to spend 25% of your health on a boost of speed. If you bump into a player that you can damage, you will steal 50% of their HP for yourself. Of course, if they can damage you, you will lose 50% of your health to them. As play progresses, The Darkness on the edges of the play area will start encroaching on the center. Any player in The Darkness will constantly lose HP until they get back to the circle in the center.

What are those spikes, and how can I get spikes on my blob?

The spikes are not an upgrade or equipment. They are a visual representation of danger, and they appear for you when an opponent has a stronger color, or the same color but more HP than you do. Your opponents see different distributions of spikes than you do, based on what they are vulnerable to, and if you don't see spikes on someone, that means they see spikes on you. If you touch someone with spikes, you will lose 50% of you HP, and they will gain that much HP, and the reverse is true if you touch someone who does not have spikes.

How do I play on mobile?

The mobile version is currently available on mobile browsers at the same website addresses. On iOS tap the game window, and on Android turn the phone landscape. Then for direction control, press and drag your finger on the website, for boosting, tap on the screen.

What is that move where the player boosts in place and shoot out really fast? Is it a glitch?

It's not a bug its a feature. This is a move called "static boost". You can do this by being perfectly still and clicking to gather momentum in place. Then, point your cursor at the direction you want to go to shoot in that direction.

How do I chat in game?

On a PC you can chat by pressing the "ENTER" or "Return" key, typing your message, and hitting “ENTER” again to send. On Chrome, you can also press "V" to use the speech-to-text feature. In game chat feature is currently unavailable on mobile.

How do I create private games?

Private games can be created using the !royale command and funded by your own ROY. The format is !royale <# of ROY> [names=#(0-1)] [max=#(2-10)] [min=#(2-10)] [Text Description] and the ROY paid by the game creator is spread evenly across all the games. (so for example a command of !royale 50 games=5 names=1 max=5 min=3 Games Here would create 5 games, with pots of 10 ROY each, with visible names, that at most 5 people would be able to play, and would require 3 people to start, with a description of "Games Here") All commands within [ ] are optional, and will default to invisible names, minimum of 2 players, maximum of 10 players, and no text description.

How does the in-game rating system work?

The in-game player rating (unlike the discord rating - see planet roles question above) is calculated based on the ELO system, which calculates the player's skill level in relation to other players. Simply put, if you win against a player with a higher ELO number, your ranking goes up, and if you lose against a player with a lower ELO number, your ranking goes down. You can read more about the ELO system here: and check out the Multiplayer ELO library that is used in the game here:


How do I connect my MetaMask?

Metamask is a browser extension that acts as a wallet. It supports ERC20-compatible tokens. ROY is an ERC20-compatible token. You'll need to install it and set it up following the video below. There is also a mobile app version, which has been confirmed to work, but the guide is for the browser extension.

1. Add Harmony network to your MetaMask wallet. Once you're done with the above, Metamask will be showing your ONE balance. ONE is the native token on the Harmony network. It's the currency you'll need to make transactions on the Harmony network. To see your ROY balance, there's one last step left.

2. Add the ROY token in your MetaMask wallet. ROY contract address is: 0xfe1b516A7297eb03229A8B5AfAD80703911E81cB

When I try to add the ROY token, Metamask says that the contract address is a "Personal Address"?

Looks like you're still connected to the Ethereum Network. Please follow the video guide on the How To ROY page to connect to the Harmony Network.

Can I use a different wallet?

Metamask is your safest bet, because in the near future we'll be using the Metamask extension API to make transacting more seamless. If you'd like to use another wallet, please make sure it supports Harmony ERC20 tokens before withdrawing. We will compile a list of supported wallets soon.

How do I connect my Discord?

To connect your Discord account and qualify for the extra prize reward, visit Ranked mode and click the 'Link Discord' button to the right of the game area.

Are there any referral programs?

No referral programs have been planned so far.

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